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Love pill Set -Matte Powder Pink, Matte White

Love pill Set -Matte Powder Pink, Matte White

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This new work by Tal Nehoray is from her latest body of works called "Happy Pills".
All are ceramic handmade, spray painted with automotive paint.
It is a combination of 2 ceramic sculptures.

Each pill is 20 cm long and 6.5 cm in diameter:
One pill is matte powder pink and the second is matte white, both with golden text.

Please note that the ceramic pills are handmade - colors and size may vary slightly.

Production and handling time - up to 14 business days.

Please note that the buyer is responsible for any potential import/customs charges.

More about the series:

Can't buy me love

The love pills series was made to criticize our consumption habits and the illusion of buying love and happiness that we are all trapped in.

We try to buy love, wrapped up in beautiful shiny packages, but the inside is hollow.

Each pill is a reminder to be aware of that illusion and to let love rule. 

The happy pills are ceramic, painted with automotive paint, and are ready to hang straight on the wall or on a coffee table or a shelf.

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