Tal Nehoray is a multidisciplinary  artist, currently lives and works in Israel, creating works that combine contemporary and traditional materials and techniques.

Her work is defined by a colorful and aesthetic pop art style that criticizes our western culture and the consumption culture of “instant” happiness.

“I see each of my works as reminders to what really matters in life, to myself and hopefully to others“.

Tal has recently moved back to Israel from New York.

She is working from her studio in a small beach town, and exhibits in art fairs across the world.

She has studied art at the Tel Aviv University, and in various private studios in New York and Israel.

In 2014 she started her own brand - bu Designs, making contemporary Buddha art and jewelry.

Her Plexiglass and ceramic Buddha sculptures and wall art is still a great success.

By the end of 2019, Tal has opened a new studio in Israel, where she now creates new art.

The ceramic Happy Pills - 

Are You happy now? 

This new artwork was made to criticize our consumption habits, and the  illusion of happiness we are all trapped in.

We keep "buying happiness", wrapped up in beautiful shiny packages, but the inside is hollow. 

Currently Tal is working on a new art project:

Anatomic - heart and brain sculptures, made of ceramic and plaster, and painted in bright and beautiful acrylic paints.