Bedtime stories - Books I keep close

Bedtime stories - Books I keep close

Here’s my pick of a few books that satisfy my thirst for knowledge about mindfulness and how to be a better me.

I try to keep it simple, not too sophisticated or pretentious.

Some I’ve had for years, and some are new or I’ve just discovered.

Walpola Rahula was both a Buddhist monk and spiritual guide, and a high-educated western doctor. That’s what makes him the perfect writer of an introduction to Buddhism for the non-Buddhist.

The book will guide you through The Four Noble Truths, the Buddhist mind, the Noble Eightfold Path, and meditation.


A spiritual classic of one of the foremost interpreters of Tibetan Buddhism to the west.   Now this classic has a newly revised and updated edition, celebrating its  25th anniversary.

This book helped me in times of sorrow and loss, providing me some answers and relief, teaching me a new approach to death and life.



The go-to book for the mother in search for realistic-spiritual advice and inspiration, considering the everyday stresses and challenges.

This book made me feel a normal mom in the hardest and most challenging days of motherhood.




 This is a book I enjoy reading now but wish I had back then in my young 20s,

When Lodro, I guess, was still a little boy. Nevertheless, better late then never, I’m so grateful to have discovered Lodro Rinzler and his brilliant books and meditation centers in NYC.  

You can read about him more in my blog “Buddhism, not as you expected




 This is a new book by an inspiring, funny and so smart woman, who I finally got to see just recently here in NYC.

Salzburg explains so wisely of what it really means to love and be loved in the modern world.




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